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  • Name: Magnesium alloy cast billet
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Magnesium alloy cast billet is supplied to clients on the compositional and homogenized condition.

Available alloys: AZ31B, AZ61A, AZ80A, AZ91D, AZ41M, ZK60, AM50, AM60, ZM21, MIA, ME20M, EQ21, WE43, WE54, ZE41, etc

We also produce the cast billet as per customer's requirements.

Each billet will be ultrasonic inspected as per AMS-STD-2154 Class A or AMS 2630 Class A

Temporary corrosion preventative surface treatments can be applied by agreement.


Semi-continuous Cast magnesium alloy billet is manufactured by XYMCO as the starting material for other magnesium products, such as sheet, plate, forgings and extrusions. However, it has been frequently found that the cast billet is suitable for machining into prototypes, thus avoiding expensive tooling, and in some cases for production where the size of the finished items is outside economic casting or extrusion dimension or minimum economic production.


The Diameter of the cast billet is from Min. Dia. 90mm to max. Dia. 600mm; the max. length is 5000mm.