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AZ91D data sheet

Writer:Vera ChengSource:INTERNATIONAL SALES Date:2018-11-20

AZ91D has excellent corrosion resistance. Its ingot most commonly used magnesium die casting alloy.


Xi'an Yuechen Metal Products. Co., Ltd. (XYMCO)  just produces the semi-continuous cast billet and slab from the AZ91D ingot.


Semi-continuous Cast magnesium alloy billet and slab is manufactured as the starting material for other magnesium products, such as plate, forgings and extrusions. However, it has been frequently found that the cast billet and slab is suitable for machining into prototypes, thus avoiding expensive tooling, and in some cases for production where the size of the finished items is outside economic casting or extrusion dimension or minimum economic production.


Semi-continuous Cast Magnesium Alloy Billet and Slab is supplied to clients on the compositional and homogenized condition.


For AZ91D cast billet: OD 120 – 600mm, length is 2000mm

For AZ91D cast slab: max. 400 x 1200 x 2500mm

Both the billet and slab, we can cut to size as per customer’s requirement


Chemical Composition (%)

Al:          8.3-9.7

Mn:        0.15-0.5

Zn:        0.35-1.0

Si:          0.10

Cu:         0.030

Ni:         0.002

Iron max: 0.005


Mechanical Properties of the cast billet and slab:

Tensile strength: 140Mpa

Yield strength: 100Mpa

Elongation: 2%

Hardness: 63HBW


Density: 1.81g/cm3


Xi'an Yuechen Metal Products. Co., Ltd. (XYMCO) also produce the forged AZ91D blocks, the max. size is 300 x 500 x 1000mm.

Mechanical Properties:

Tensile strength: 250Mpa

Yield strength: 160Mpa

Elongation: 6%

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